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Supernal Adventures : Exploring the New Normal of Multidimensional Living


Supernal AdventureIn 2005 my friend, Paula, experienced a “miracle” healing of an “incurable” disease, RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome), through a Reiki therapist. RSD is an excruciating condition. It generally begins after an injury. The nervous system keeps sending the pain signals. First noted in the Civil War, surgeons performed amputations in an attempt to halt the pain. The result was “ghost pain.” Though the limbs were gone, the soldiers still felt the throbbing, unrelenting agony.
A fall on a stairway began a seven year descent into misery and disability for Paula. She was ultimately on 29 medications and had two battery devices installed into her back with lead wires attached to her spine to offer pain control. Her entire right side was involved. She often used a cane and occasionally a wheelchair. She became part of a control group of an RSD specialist at UCLA. In the summer of 2005 the doctor told her they were out of options and to prepare herself for a life confined to a wheelchair and ultimately a bed. She was 50 years old.

Given that grim future outlook, she and her sister, Sue, took my suggestion to visit me and schedule appointments with the wonderful Reiki therapist, Helen, I had recently met. At the very least, it would be a fun vacation for them.

Much to our amazement, after three Reiki sessions, Paula no longer suffered from RSD. Her healing opened up a whole new world for us. Paula, Sue, and I began exploring energy healing, quantum physics, alternative medicine, and meditation. Our weekly meditation sessions took on a mystical life of their own. We began calling ourselves the Supernal Friends.

Being a writer and observer, I took notes of what happened in our sessions. Over the course of time, I filled pages and pages of what I called the Supernal Journals. Now, a decade later, I’ve used those journals as the basis for my new book, Supernal Adventures: Exploring the New Normal of Multidimensional Living.

Join the Supernal Friends on their many adventures. You may discover the new normal of multidimensional living for yourself!

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You’re Fired

ALGsi2lFor several years I worked as my husband’s secretary in his Oklahoma family law/divorce practice. While it proved to be a smart business move, it turned me into a stressed-out insomniac. I was far too empathetic to be living in the midst of the disintegration of people’s lives.

After about five years, my husband took me to lunch and said, “You’re the best secretary I’ve ever had, but I’d rather have a healthy, happy wife than a good secretary. You’re fired, as my secretary, but not as my wife.”

That was probably the best thing my husband ever did for me. He liberated me from a toxic environment and gave me the time at home to finally follow my heart and write.

Where to begin? They say “write what you know.” AIN’T LOVE GRAND? grew from the people I knew best, my husband and me. While the story is entirely fictional, the characters had a lot of inspiration from my friends and family.

It is a beloved story to me and my readers seem to enjoy it also. As far as I’m concerned, love is grand!

Winner “Best First Book”–Golden Quill Awards

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