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Ever-Flowing Streams: Christ, Reiki, Reincarnation and Me

Supernal Living Series ~ Book One

 2014 The Indie Spiritual Book Awards–Category Energy Medicine

“A book not to simply read, but to experience”–Tampa Bay Examiner

EverFEver-Flowing Streams: Christ, Reiki, Reincarnation and Me chronicles my spiritual adventures through the seemingly disconnected avenues of Christianity, the Japanese healing system of Reiki, quantum physics, A Course in Miracles, and past-life therapy. While living a middle-class, conventional life, I’m drawn into the healing prayer wave of the 1980’s. Seeking a healthier life and answers to a recurring medical mystery, I go beyond the boundaries of the church to study the emerging mind-body-spirit movements of the day. In 2005, an encounter with a Reiki therapist changes my life and challenges my belief system.  Ultimately, the book deals with the power of prayer and includes exercises for readers to explore their own healing possibilities.

Ebook and paperback available at Amazon   Amazon UK 

Supernal Adventures: Exploring the New Normal of Multidimensional Living

Supernal Living Series ~ Book Two

Createspace6Has a deceased loved one ever visited you for a final goodbye? Have you “heard” a message from another realm? Has someone you know been healed of an “incurable” disease? If so, you may be experiencing part of the new normal of multidimensional living. What used to be the exclusive experience of a few mystics and psychics is becoming more prevalent among “normal” people.

Dana Taylor and her “normal” friends began calling such experiences Supernal Adventures. After one of them received a “miracle” healing, they began a mutual exploration of alternative healing, quantum physics, spirituality, and consciousness. Their weekly meditation sessions soon took on a life of their own with mystical happenings. This book weaves their experiences through the subjects that arose ~ Energy Healing, Past Lives, Akashic Records, Pre-Life Planning, Spirit Communication and more.

Dana Taylor continues the story that began in the award-winning Ever-Flowing Streams: Christ, Reiki, Reincarnation and Me. Break the barriers of the ordinary and embrace the freedom of extraordinary Supernal Adventures for yourself.

Available in ebook and paperback at Amazon

Soul Snack: Fast Food for the Spirit



Looking for a little mental and spiritual refreshment during your hectic day? Soul Snacks: Fast Food for the Spirit brings you a variety of short stories, articles, reviews, and excerpts to give you a lift.

Many pieces are taken from blog posts at Supernal Living where I explore “healing energy, spirituality, and wonder.”

Available exclusively in the Kindle Store at Amazon.  Amazon US  Amazon UK


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