Meet Dana Taylor


Taylor email 03Dana Taylor writes books with a mystical touch. Born and raised in California, she attended the University of Redlands and received her B.A. with a theatre major. Her senior year sent her to Oklahoma for a theatre internship, which resulted in a whirlwind courtship and a long marriage.  Her two romantic comedies, AIN’T LOVE GRAND?Ain't Love Grand (Golden Quill Winner Best First Book) and DEVIL MOON: A MYSTIC ROMANCENewmoon2 (A Movers and Shakers List Title) are set in America’s heartland. Opposites attract, loveable characters, and a good dose of laughter.

Through the years, she and her husband raised two daughters and numerous animals, with varying results.  A dog ate a hamster and the iguana escaped a homemade cage. One rabbit proved it could consume a remote with no ill effects (except to the remote.)The daughters turned out fine.

Her imagination led her to writing romantic adventures, also with a good dose of comedy. ROYAL REBELRoyalRebel_500x750 began as a Romance Writer’s of America contest piece and grew into a full blown, spirited twist on the Robin Hood tale. PROUD HEART PH WEB medium captures the exciting dash for free land during the Oklahoma Land Run of 1889. In THE ADVENTURES OF JAGUAR JACK,  Jack, a our hero joins forces with a Lady Marine to take on the bad guys and an evil force of Biblical proportions.

Nowadays when she isn’t writing, she is often giving Reiki energy healing treatments. Her interest began with the charismatic spiritual movement and led to the study of healing modalities. She is also a Reiki Master. Her non-fiction book EVER-FLOWING STREAMS: CHRIST, REIKI, REINCARNATION & MEEver-Flowing chronicles her spiritual journey into alternative healing. She explores spirituality, energy healing, and wonder at her blog  Contact Dana at

She currently divides her time between California, Missouri, and Hawaii.



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