Introducing “Nina’s Kids”

Nina Book Cover 2 2

Being called “Grandma” just felt too old, so my grandchildren know me as “Nina.” Will, Gracie, and Noah are the lights of my life and I enjoy playing with them. We go on nature walks, put on puppet shows, and explore the world together.

Last year as Will began reading, his teacher advised us to find books with simple repeating phrases. She warned us they were not very easy to find. As I browsed the library, I realized even the basic books were too “wordy” for many beginning readers.

So, for fun and education, I created some simple books using family photos for illustrations. They promote quick reading success and reinforce recognition of common words and phrases.

Ing Cover  I feel cover

Making reading fun opens up a lifetime of pleasure and opportunity for our children.

Happy Reading!

Dana Taylor AKA “Nina”

Only $1.99 each in the Kindle Store or FREE through Kindle Unlimited at Amazon

Book One ~ You Are…/He and She

Book Two ~ “Ing” is the Thing

Book Three ~ I Feel

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