Not your usual hero in “Devil Moon”


“Round Table Review” says “Devil Moon is a lovely romance full of whimsy, comedy and bittersweet twists.”

Whenever there’s a full moon I think of Phil Wilcox and Maddie Harris. Their love story began on full moon night. Phil is not your usual romance novel hero. He isn’t rich or smooth. He’s not a Scottish laird or English Duke. He’s an American from Arkansas, divorced, and even a recovering alcoholic. You don’t get much more anti-hero than that.

He’s attractive in a rumpled, barrel-chested sort of way. He has a definite swagger in his walk and a wry sense of humor. An average man with a sense of humor can be much more attractive than a handsome sober sides. But Phil generally steers clear of women nowadays.
This is a normal guy who’s made a lot of mistakes. He’s trying to redeem himself in the eyes of a disappointed daughter. Returning to his hometown is a kind of penance, as is taking on the job of high school football coach. Life has beaten high expectations out of him. He’d be the first one to tell you that True Love is the stuff of fairy tales. Even if it did exist, he wouldn’t be worthy of such affection.

He’s just the sort of guy that ol’ Devil Moon can’t resist.

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